Pawprints - ceramic impressions of children's handprints and footprints in clay Original Pawprints - ceramic impressions of children's handprints in clay
Original Pawprints - Quality hand and/or foot ceramic impressions of baby, infant, toddler, child, kid or family members
Pawprints Sample Prices - children's hand and foot prints in ceramic clay
Business Opportunity - Pawprints Training Program can teach you how to make your own ceramic impressions of babies and children handprints
FAQ Pawprint - ceramic hand and foot prints for children and babies
Full Moon Studio - About Hedy and Ross Hale - clay artists, instructors and creators of Pawprints
Studio and Classes - Night ceramic classes in pottery at Hedy and Ross Hales' Morro Bay studio on California's Central Coast
Studio Gallery - Sculpture work by Ross Hale and Hedy Hale
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Original Pawprints Business Opportunity

Making a ceramic footprint for a baby's foot print
Ceramic impression of a baby's handprint

Where do I get my materials?
We give you a list of national suppliers that you will be able to purchase your clay, glazes, tools, and kiln from. Because we are not a franchise, we do not sell any materials and you are free to purchase your materials from any supplier.

Are there any other obligations?
No, we are not a franchise, and there are absolutely no other fees or obligations. This is your business to create and run as you desire.

I'm not from California, how do I get there and where do I stay?
The airport closest to Morro Bay is San Luis Obispo. The airport has car rental agencies and Morro Bay is approximately a 15-mile drive. Call us and we will help you with a comprehensive listing of our local hotels and restauants within walking distance to our studio. We are here to help you with all your questions.

* Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Original Pawprints - Ceramic impressions of childrens hands and foot prints

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