Pawprints - ceramic impressions of children's handprints and footprints in clay Original Pawprints - ceramic impressions of children's handprints in clay
Original Pawprints - Quality hand and/or foot ceramic impressions of baby, infant, toddler, child, kid or family members
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Business Opportunity - Pawprints Training Program can teach you how to make your own ceramic impressions of babies and children handprints
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Original Pawprints Business Opportunity

See the difference experience makes.

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Thirty years ago, Ross and Hedy Hale designed and developed the Original Pawprints. Today, they are training others to bring Pawprints home and create their own successful home-based business. No secrets are held back. Here's what you'll get with their 3-Day Intensive Training program:

Home Study
Training Program
DVD & Manual
Learn More
  • Simple, straightforward, step-by-step individual instructions for creating the highest quality ceramic impressions
  • An understanding of how to use the tools, kilns, and materials
  • Tried and true marketing methods for making your business grow.
  • Start to finish steps to organize and control your business
  • Training manual
  • Complete Technical Support
  • Enough production supplies to make approximately 25 ceramic impressions

Business opportunity - instruction to produce ceramic impressions at homeBusiness opportunity to own your own non-franchise home-based businessBusiness opportunity is great for stay-at-home moms

Business Opportunity

Yes, we can
train you!

"Hedy and Ross trained me 7 years ago. I had no experience when I started. They held nothing back in my training. They told me what worked and what didn't work for them. I took their information and made it my own. My business has allowed me to set my own hours and bring home extra money."

Tracy K., New York

It is, of course, possible that even if you receive our training you may not be successful in making your business profitable.  As we all know, different people have different skills and abilities (including organizational and business skills and backgrounds, work ethics, personalities, communication and people skills, and so on).  In addition, there are factors beyond our control which will govern your success such as, for example, your physical and mental health.

For those reasons we simply cannot guarantee that you will be successful in any business venture resulting from our training.  But what we can tell you is that we will teach you how to make ceramic impressions the same way we do, that it has been financially rewarding for us for over 33 years, and that it is possible that you can create a successful business as we have done.  If you believe that you have the skills, interest, and desire to profit from our training, then, you are the ideal candidate for our training.  It is truly up to you.

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Original Pawprints - Ceramic impressions of childrens hands and foot prints

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